November 6, 2003

They Called It New England For A Reason

Though I lived in California for the past 25 years, my early years were spent primarily in Connecticut and Massachusetts (that’s on the East coast of the U.S. for you Brits).

I remember those years well. Cool Octobers with glorious Fall leaves. Cold Novembers. And then snow in December, lasting until March. Brrrr. I wasn’t sorry to see the last of those cold winters.

One of the reasons I left the East coast was a trip I took to California during Christmas break my junior year in college. It was a present from my aunt Cayo who used to go out to San Francisco every year. I never understood why she did that until I made the trip myself. Right then and there I decided that any place you could run in t-shirt and shorts on New Years Day was ok by me. And so two short years later, in September of 1978, I left New England in a 1972 yellow VW Beetle, and headed to California to attend graduate school at U.C. Berkeley.

But back to Cornwall, and the Original England. We have had surprisingly nice weather since we’ve been here; we’ve really only had about 4 days of heavy rain. But the weather has started to change the last week or two, and while our friends heading to Uganda were here the cold winds arrived in force, and big drenching showers kept us mostly indoors on one day in particular.

The picture on this entry shows us all on that indoor kind of day – minus me who is taking the photo and little Noah who was sitting in the push-chair – at one of the large country estates that dot the Cornish countryside. This one was called Lanhydrock (see also this link). If you look at the link you’ll see what it looks like in the sunshine. If you look closely at the photo here you’ll see we had quite a different kind day.

But Lanhydrock is spectacular inside, and if you get down to Cornwall I highly recommend a visit.

And oh yes, bring an umbrella. Just in case the weather decides to be, well, English.

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